• February 9, 2024

StatsRemote mystery still unsolved, domain set to expire, what’s going on-

Many longtime customers of Neil McPartlin’s StatsRemote affiliate, merchant, and PPC statistics program have begun to look elsewhere for statistical support since the pioneer developer has been unreachable for at least eight weeks now.

Internet affiliates depend on such tools to check the statistics of their affiliate programs, credit card processors, and pay-per-click search engines. Having a reliable, expandable, and easy to use statistics program such as StatsRemote saves untold hours searching for hits, sales, rebills, income, expenses, and several other things that affiliates depend on in order to run their businesses smoothly.

When you buy a product or service over the internet, chances are you reached the providing website through an affiliate link. Affiliates are paid a commission of sorts for each sale made. In the case of online gambling affiliates, it is usually a small portion of player losses, sometimes balanced out against player wins. It can also be a one-time referral fee, known as cost per acquisition or CPA. Some programs in the online casino and other industries also offer a pay-per-click or PPC model. Any way the payments are tallied and handled, affiliates are basically unseen marketing partners who provide customers for a fee.

On November 23 a member of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) asked his peers in open forum if anyone had contact with the purveyor or anyone else involved with StatsRemote. His weekly automatic update hadn’t deployed, error messages were displayed, and no response was given to his emails. This struck forum members as odd and worrisome as the representative has always replied in a timely manner and updates had always gone seamlessly. StatsRemote has been deployed since 2002 and has over 3,000 customers in various niches.

The gambling affiliate community is a true community regardless of individual differences, and longtime business relationships often become friendships. After several days and weeks, participants began expressing concern for the representative’s health and well-being. As they have businesses to run they also began discussing alternatives such as Nifty Stats affiliate statistics and graphical analysis program, a similar desktop utility that tracks statistics in real-time in a secure environment with log-ins and passwords stored on the affiliate’s PC.

Some members began discussing the creation of an open source program to replace StatsRemote, with some going into their archives to dust off proprietary programs they had written before finding the useful StatsRemote tool, while another member set his team on task to develop a whole new tool.

Normally, nothing can hide from a group of affiliates who need to solve a problem, they are, by virtue of profession, some of the most internet-savvy people on the planet. Several worthy attempts were made to sleuth out what had happened to the product provider, with no results.

StatsRemote mystery still unsolved, domain set to expire, what’s going on-

The StatsRemote.com domain was created on January 27, 2002. They released the last product update 4.3.63 on November 15, 2016. The domain is set to expire on January 27, 2017, at which point the workarounds and tweaks some clients have been using to access their critical business information may no longer work.